Camp Tupelo

 Camp Tupelo Day Boarding



 Doggie day care allows dogs to interact in a casual environment while under adult supervision.

  • Dogs may play together off leash in a fenced and controlled environment.

  • Play sessions may involve group play with ball chasing, splashing in the pool (during warm months), and romping with furry friends, all under the close supervision in our safe, fenced play courtyard.

  • Your dog will go outside for four or five sessions, each lasting approximately 15-30 minutes (depending on the weather), with other puppies or dogs to play with.

  • Break times allow our participants time to relax, hydrate, and take a nap if needed.

Doggie day care is great way to meet new friends and to keep dogs active, and to burn off pent up energy from staying at home and being a couch potato. 

If you work in the Tupelo area we offer pet day care service Monday through Friday. Camp Tupelo is now accepting wagging tails for play sessions. Camp Tupelo is an excellent way to socialize and exercise canine companions.


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  • 2096 S Thomas St
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  • 38801
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  • Call: (662) 840-0210